Shree Loan (SR)



Gold Loans (Keertana)

Gold Loans are given against the mortgage of Jewellery. Indian housewives hold 11% of the world's gold. That is more than the reserves of the USA, the IMF, Switzerland, and Germany put together.

It’s an asset which can easily be liquidated at the time of crises. Though people have this asset, but at the time of need they do not know where to go and liquidate the same at reasonable rates, hence we help the rural population to use this exclusive loan product.

Our loan size range is from Rs.2, 000 to Rs.10, 00,000. Loans are given for Agriculture, Business and Emergency needs. These loans are currently offered in AP and Telangana States.

Interest rate ranges from Min 16.00 % to Max 21.00 % on the basis of Loan tenor and LTV.