Personal Loans



Personal Loans

These Loans are given exclusively to

  • Business Development- meeting with the working capital requirements, increasing the scale of business.
  • Purchase of livestock- practicing animal husbandry, dairy business, etc.
  • Purchase of stock/raw materials for business activity.
  • Completion of under construction house/ renovation.
  • Margin money towards purchase of any asset (provided applicant has balance money available with him).
  • Repayment of expensive loans.

By providing this loan we ensure that we help women to expand their existing income generating activities, smoothening household cash flows and for acquiring productive assets. A hassle free Monthly repayment structure makes it easy for our borrowers to clear the loan without any stress.

The loan amount is up to 2,00,000 with tenure of 1 to 3 years.

The interest rate of this product is 24% to 26% with processing fee upto 2% exclusive of GST.