Spandana Society

Spandana Rural and Urban development Organisation (‘the Society’ or ‘SRUDO’) is registered under the Societies Registrations Act, 1860 on 21 October 1992 with non-profit motive and to carry no commercial activities. The main objects of the Society are;
  • Create general awareness among the youth of a village and prepare them to help the fellow villagers, women, children and the landless farmers;
  • Make people understand the root cause of social evils, the concept of development and its relationship with man. Making people self-efficient and confident.
  • Economic emancipation of the family, with particular attention to provision of adequate employment opportunities to women who are largely engaged at present in unpaid and under paid jobs, often characterised by physical drudgery;
  • To improve productivity and thereby uplift the income of rural people;
  • To achieve an appreciable rise in the standard of living of the poorest section of the society;
  • Education of children and adults.

There are many programs conducted by SRUDO Society during the last 20 years, of which some of the major programs are as below :
  • Financial Assistance to Borrowers
  • Starting year 2005 till date, SURDO Society is extending help to our Borrowers on many unseen occasions like a death in the family and any natural calamity.

  • Health Camps
  • Starting year 1992 till date, SURDO Society is organizing Health camps for the rural population at frequent intervals, programs include - awareness on cleanliness, sanitation, nutrition, blood donation camps, eye check-ups, distribution of medicine, and special health camps for women and children.

  • Distribution of Food and Clothes
  • SURDO Society makes it a point to help the needy, to name a few: Free food for school children Flood victims of Orissa in the year 2011 Flood victims of Ongole, AP in the year 2010 Flood victims of Kurnool, AP in the year 2009

  • Women Empowerment
  • From the year 1999 to year 2003, SURDO Society has organized health camps at regular intervals on Women Empowerment programs such as Stabilization of SHGs for minorities and other villages

  • Education to poor Children and Women
  • From the year 1992 till the year 2000 SURDO Society has regularly extended financial assistance to schools and teachers for educating poor children, child labor and women.

  • Scholarships to Poor and Rewarding Children
  • From the year 2001 till date, the SURDO Society is continuously rewarding the best students belonging to the low income households.

  • Distribution of subsidized Solar Lights
  • From the year 2009 till date, as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility SURDO Society is distributing Lamps and Solar Lights to poor villagers.

  • Distribution of Subsidized Water Purifiers
  • From the year 2009 till the year 2012, SURDO Society has distributed water purifiers to the under privileged rural population.

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